Berlin, Germany

BLESS is a fashion/design studio created in 1997 by Ines Kaag—based in Berlin—and Desiree Heiss—in Paris. The two designers escape from any calibrated definition of fashion. They are faithful to their initial concept: dividing and combining creation between fashion, art, design, and architecture. They engage an independent work method, which often implements collaborations and interactions with friends, customers, and other contributors. Their creations are born from true personal needs: aiming for simplicity and comfort throughout daily life while aspiring for more visionary horizons. Their products, as well as their distribution systems, do not fit into any pre-established category; BLESS passes, without transition, from one area to another: from highly functional forms to conceptual propositions on the verge of abstraction. An unlimited, fluid and contemporary conception, BLESS does not promote any style—BLESS fits every style.

BLESS, Workout Computer, Instanbul Biennale