Barkow Leibinger

Berlin, Germany

Barkow Leibinger is an American German architectural practice, founded in 1993, based in Berlin and New York. The office has internationally realized buildings of a wide-range of scales and types including building for workplace (industry, office, and master-planning), culture, housing, events, exhibitions, and installations in the public realm. Their discursive research-based approach to architecture and design allows the work to respond to advancing knowledge and technology, locating the practice as an international leader in digital and analogue fabrication techniques. This skill set expands to include new materials and applications that drive the practice forward as a continuously evolving activity. This focus revolves around a commitment to academic teaching, research, and the practice itself: each are autonomous work areas that simultaneously inform each other beneficially. This is an approach that distinguishes each project as distinct in relationship to client and architect dialogue, location, aesthetic, and purpose.

Barkow Leibinger, Serpentine Summer House, London, 2016