Bak Gordon Arquitectos

Lisboa, Portugal

Bak Gordon Architects is an architectural office based in Lisbon, Portugal founded by architect Ricardo Bak Gordon in 2002. The studio has developed projects of different scales, programs, and typologies in Portugal and abroad. In all designs, it explores—with rigor and precision—a vision that is simultaneously poetic and technical, as well as carefully related to site and public space. Currently, the studio has a team of ten architects. Their main work themes are housing and urban planning as well as cultural, industrial, educational, and sporting facilities. The studio participates in national and international competitions. Their work has been shown in exhibitions in Portugal, Europe, Asia, Central America, and South America. They have been published in prestigious editions of the specialty worldwide. Ricardo Bak Gordon is a lecturer and visiting professor at several international universities and institutions.

Bak Gordon, House in Rua Costa do Castelo, 2013-underway; Costa do Castelo, Lisboa, Portugal