Ways to Partner

The 2019 edition, titled …and other such stories, will form an expansive and multi-faceted exploration of the field of architecture and the built environment globally. The main hub of the Biennial is at the historic Chicago Cultural Center, and extends into neighborhood sites and public spaces throughout the city. The 2019 edition of the Biennial will run from September 19, 2019 - January 5, 2020. Developed through a research-led approach, the 2019 biennial will address the potency of space, architecture, and the natural world as they relate to questions of land, memory, rights, and civic participation.

The Biennial invites you to propose thought provoking programs that connect to the 2019 edition by responding to and expanding upon the curatorial focus, welcoming new perspectives and audiences. Partner programs should use this opportunity to introduce additional narratives that explore the influence architecture and design have on our lives. It is through the work of our partners that the topics explored by the Biennial can be thoughtfully engaged with and accessed by new and diverse audiences.

The constellation of events throughout the City will encourage audiences to engage and explore Chicago's culturally rich neighborhoods.  Through creative avenues, you can develop programs that will connect local and global audiences and place your organization on an international platform.

Selected programs will be highlighted on our website and across various media channels.

We seek participation from:

• Arts and Culture Organizations
• Civic and Philanthropic Organizations
• Community-based Organizations
• Educational Institutions
• Architecture Studios and/or other affiliated businesses
• Independent Artists, Curators, Educators, and Designers
• Tech and Media Outlets
• Other Non-profit organizations
• Recreational Programs
• Student Groups

The Biennial recognizes and welcomes diverse types of partner programming within the categories outlined below:

• Exhibition (consistent hours, a month or more)
• Pin-up (pop-up short term exhibition)
• Site activation (intermittent and/or brief site-based experiences)
• Public lecture
• Talk or convening
• Workshop or conference
• Youth educational activity
• Community festival
• Performance
• Film/video/media screening
• Tour
• Open house at a place of architectural significance

We encourage anyone who is interested to review the Partner Program Informational and fill out the following on-line form. 

Please keep in mind that individual programs that are not considered to be part of a series have to be proposed through separate forms. Organizations can submit multiple program proposals if desired. 

For any additional questions, please email programs@chicagoarchitecturebiennial.org