The diversity of visual expression adds to the creative legacy indelibly woven into the city’s cultural mosaic and fills the community with enthusiasm for future. Confluence•20+ brings pioneering design talent from Hong Kong to share their philosophy and endeavours inspired by local traditions and heritage, as well as their creative visions across multiple latitudes and culture.

- Freeman Lau, graphic designer with close connection to local aesthetics and social psyche.
- Lo Kai Yin, jewellery designer/art historian whose contemporary creations endeavour to meld and reinterpret the cultural heritages of the East and West.
- Julie Progin and Jesse McLin, experimental ceramic artists whose projects follow a consistent conceptual path to capture, document and present a moment in time and place and explore such issues as the flaws of mass-production, the relationships between human and objects, nature and industry.

Join us at this designers’ sharing to learn more about their creative passions and design research journeys.

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