• Thu, Nov 9
  • 5:00 pm–8:00 pm
  • WeWork Event Space 17th Floor

How have today’s architectural practices evolved? The economic models of building practices played an important historical role in the realization of design ideas – yet more often, the building product was given more attention than the practice behind the building. Early traditional models of practice were derived from pivotal moments in an architect’s career after apprenticeship with legends in the field. From Frank Lloyd Wright working for Louis Sullivan, to Richard Neutra apprenticing with Frank Lloyd Wright, to Renzo Piano’s tenure at Louis Kahn’s office and later collaborations, how do these stories inform today’s new models of practice? How do changing technology and priorities impact today’s architectural practices? This event explores how virtual collaboration, co-working, and technology hacking models can help boost productivity, engage client bases, mitigate business and practice risks, and help to serve as a succession plan – while relating current practices with those of the past.

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