September 12 - December 15, 2017

Terence Gower's Havana Case Study is the second in a series of installations that use American diplomatic architecture as a lens through which to analyze US international relations (the first, from 2012, focused on Baghdad). The installation is based on extensive research in Havana and in US archives. Through creative engagement with this archival source material, Gower examines the embassy program’s attempt to represent the aspirations of a government and its foreign policy through architecture, and how both the function and meaning of embassy buildings have been altered by the US and host governments over time.

Terence Gower is a New York-based Canadian artist. Recent solo exhibitions include Simon Preston Gallery, New York; Labor, Mexico City; and El Eco, Mexico City. Recent group exhibitions include Museo Jumex, Mexico City, CAPC, Bordeaux, Institut d’Art Contemporain Villeurbanne, Lyon; and more. He has participated in the Porto Alegre, Curitiba, and Havana Biennials. His video works have been presented at locations around the world. Gower has recently received a Guggenheim Fellowship, University of Gothenburg Research Fellowship, Smithsonian Artists Research Fellowship, NYSCA Architecture, Planning & Design Project Award, Graham Foundation Fellowship, Peter S. Reed Foundation Grant, Peter Norton Family Foundation Grant, World Views Studios Residency (WTC, New York), Cité des Arts Fellowship (Paris), Bogliasco Foundation Fellowship (Genoa), and a fellowship to the Residencia Internacional de Artistas en Argentina (Buenos Aires). In 2017, Gower will release his third monograph, Form, Model, Syntax, Display: Terence Gower Sculpture Works with Black Dog Publishing, London.

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