August 11 - September 24, 2017

Inspired by Chicago's long history of murals, graffiti, and public art making, "Shoot Your Shot" examines street art as architectural intervention. Offering a sweeping survey of photography, original installations and ephemera created by and reflecting the work if some of the city's most prolific street writers and artists, this exhibition looks at how Chicago's vibrant street art culture has literally grown up alongside its lauded architectural history. Curated by Miguel Aguilar, Kevin Coval and Tara Mahadevan.

Rootwork Gallery showcases artistic expression that has healing; reconciliation—personal and collective; reflective practice; and investigation of folk, street and indigenous cultures at its core. It is a multidisciplinary space for discovery and experimentation through the visual and performing arts, written and oral literature and culture-work in general. By acting as an antenna for artists from a variety of backgrounds (multicultural, multidisciplinary, formally and informally trained) and a convening space for individuals and collectives interested in art that attempts to be reparative, Rootwork Gallery seeks to foster an inclusive community united in the search for deeper knowing.