September 14-21, 2017
Opening Reception September 14, 6-9 pm

Zuecca Projects is proud to present the exhibition MONOLOGUE FOR TWO by Italian sound artist Michele Spanghero, curated by Alessandro Possati (Director of Zuecca Projects). Hosted in SAIC's Maclean Ballroom, MONOLOGUE FOR TWO  presents an immersive video installation in which the artwork “Monologue – Fenice” (2016) creates a dialogue with the unreleased new work “Monologue – Lyric Opera House” (2017). The two videos show the process of ambient recording in the empty Gran Teatro La Fenice in Venice and the Lyric Opera House in Chicago: starting from silence, the layered recordings make the theaters resonate. Silent, the theaters are in darkness, but as the sound rises, the lights slowly reveal the halls as well as the artist silhouetted on stage, carefully listening to the sound of the “voice” of the theaters.
The project is inspired by the heritage of theatrical architecture and its important role in developing social structures. It is focused on the correlation between space and sound in historic theaters, and creates a bridge between two nations (Italy and United States of America) by connecting the architecture of the historical Italian theater with one of North America's most beautiful opera houses.

The artistic activity of Michele Spanghero (b. 1979) ranges between the fields of music and sound art to photographic research focusing on the relation between space and perception, recording subtle sound variations and marginal geometries to solicit the spectator's awareness. Italy) as well as in art galleries such as Galerie Mazzoli in Berlin. Spanghero has been named “Best Young Italian Artist for 2016” by Artribune magazine, and was awarded the Premio In Sesto international public art award (2015), the Blumm Prize(2013) and the Premio Icona (2012).

Zuecca Projects is a not-for-profit cultural organization based in Venice and involved in the conception, creation and development of interdisciplinary projects in the realms of contemporary art, architecture and film. It was established in 2011 on the intuition of Alessandro Possati, its founder and director. 
Zuecca Projects' mission is to act as a space of connection and dialogue. It aims to guarantee a continuous process of exchanges with local life and a communion of intents with some of the leading international cultural institutions.

In partnership with Lyric Opera of Chicago and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. With sponsorship from Bang & Olufsen, and Hausbrandt

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