May - December 2017

As part of an effort to reviatalize the Jensen Formal Garden in Humboldt Park, the Chicago Park District, Fieldwork Collaborative Projects, and the Jensen Formal Garden Working Group have selected four individual artist teams to individually engage with one of the four quadrants of the historic Jens Jensen Formal Garden. The garden, completed in 1908, was originally designed by Jens Jensen (1860-1951), largely known for his design and contribution to the Prairie School of Landscape Architecture. The public garden is situated in the heart of Humboldt Park, within proximity to the Humbold Park Boathouse, Field House, and National Museum of Puerto Rican Arts and Culture.

Fieldwork Collaborative Projects NFP (FIELDWORK) is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization dedicated to increasing cultural capital in the Chicago region. Fieldwork seeks potentials already latent within the region's existing networks and spaces such as the Park District, Transportation Authorities and Public Schools. We develop relationships between artists, curators, designers, urbanists, and other professionals from a wide range of disciplines, civic authorities and communities. Each interdisciplinary experiment allows a diverse range of participants to invent, develop, and rehearse protocols to facilitate future collaborations.

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