Richard Gray Gallery is pleased to announce Secret Garden, an exhibition of new work by Spanish artist Jaume Plensa. Secret Garden expands upon Jaume Plensa’s study of portraiture - a theme central to his practice since his creation of Chicago’s Crown Fountain in 2004. Featuring brand new works in wood, bronze, and alabaster, and a suite of works on paper, Secret Garden officially debuts a series of large sculptural portraits rendered in stainless steel – a first for the artist.  Here, Plensa’s use of material conveys and inspires a quiet thoughtfulness. The sculptures’ luminous steel surfaces echo the lightness and fragility of his models’ serene expressions, connecting with viewers on an intuitive level. For Plensa, silence is an essential component for contemplation, activating the mind and body as spaces of great potential. In his ruminations on silence, Plensa questions the efficacy of verbal communication and asks his viewers to seek growth and potential from within. 

Founded in 1963, Richard Gray Gallery is a contemporary art gallery with locations in Chicago and New York City, and is active in both the primary and secondary markets. Secret Garden will be the second exhibition to take place at the gallery’s newly inaugurated space.

This exhibition will run September 14 - November 11, 2017