Hannah: Working at scales that link the urban to the architectural to the minute, you address questions of the relationship between scalar projection, the physical module, and the human hand and body. How does the mind know? How about the body? What is information made of? What is the relationship between the quadrilateral grid and information and the body? 

Iñigo: The intervention at the biennial does consider questions of scale, but also historical trajectory and the state of the fragile.  Perhaps we should begin with, what do artist like Constantin Brancusi and Sol LeWitt have to do with beehives and asteroids, and end with, can you feel the earth spinning?

Hannah: I’m game.

In conversation with art historian, Hannah B Higgins, author of The Grid Book (MIT Press, 2009), McArthur Award artist Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle discusses his use and implications of the grid in Manglano-Ovalle’s practice and among related artists.