September 16, 2017 - January 8, 2018

The Chapuisat Brothers’ In Wood We Trust is a large outdoor architectural intervention and exhibition venue adjacent to 6018North that questions distinctions between architecture, art, work, play, and communal exchange. Its construction process–involving carpenters and visitors alike–is a utopian experiment in building community through architecture and art since it both serves as residence for its community of builders and is built without architectural plans but through group consensus. The structure’s main floor functions as a pavilion for exhibitions, performances, and gatherings. Below and above it invites visitors to physically thread through winding passages, trap doors, slides, and get lost within its intricate maze. This deceptively playful creation made entirely of wood, upends perceptions of order, space, movement, and gravity. Between architecture, sculpture, and playground, it posits that the visual, intellectual, corporeal, and convivial pleasure of experiencing and living with art should not be separated.

Public Celebration: September 23, 2017 4-8 pm
6018North celebrates the opening of three new architectural installations: The Chapuisat Brothers’ In Wood We Trust, Troy Briggs' A Room Has Its Own Voice, and Mykitas Epoch – Habitat by CV Peterson. These works ask visitors to rethink how we experience architecture.