Issue 32 of MAS Context focuses on the topic of Character. Guest edited by the architecture studio Design With Company (CAB 2017 participants), the issue explores three specific areas: buildings as characters; occupants as characters; and architects as characters. Several of the contributors to the issue are also participants in the 2017 edition of the Chicago Architecture Biennial, such as Ania Jaworska, Bureau Spectacular, MOS, and Sam Jacob Studio.

The mission of MAS Context, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization based in Chicago, is to advance the fields of architecture and design through the dissemination and sharing of ideas from different disciplines to address in a critical way specific issues of our built environment. It does so through a quarterly publication as well as a series of public lectures and events. MAS Context, a quarterly journal created by MAS Studio, addresses issues that affect the urban context. Each issue delivers a comprehensive view of a single topic through the active participation of people from different fields and different perspectives who, together, instigate the debate.

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