Design Evanston leads visitors on a tour through the neighborhood where architect Daniel Burnham chose to live, work and build. Participants will see where Burnham lived, the schools and houses he designed, and hear about the man and his love of "bucolic Evanston". This tour showcases the architectural history of what Burnham called "the most beautiful city in the world!"

This program is organized by Design Evanston. Founded in 1980, Design Evanston is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit advocacy organization promoting good design in Evanston, Illinois. Design Evanston attracts a wide range of professionals living or working in Evanston, including architects, planners, graphic designers, landscape architects, web designers and industrial designers. 

Design Evanston is an active and vocal observer of the city’s review process and a supporter of early review of projects for owners and organizations. Since its founding, Design Evanston has prepared design guidelines for the Public Library design competition, sponsored public forums on design excellence and has granted over one hundred awards for completed projects of merit through its Design Evanston Awards program.