This talk will unpack how two different creative practices work within their localities and how they came to collaborate on a discourse around the urgency for defining ‘Publics’. The Chicago-based practitioner Emmanuel Pratt will guide us through the evolution of the Sweet Water Foundation’s ongoing work with ecologies in a broad sense - human, social, vegetable, and economic. Dan Borelli, a Boston-based practitioner, will give us an overview of his project in Ashland, Massachusetts that addresses the contested histories of a contaminated community and it’s Superfund site. Emmanuel and Dan will share their collaboration at the Harvard University Graduate School Design entitled We The Publics, an open call to define publics today, creating a discursive archive, and thereby reestablishing truth in democracy.  

Part of a series presented by the Logan Center and Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.  This session is co-presented by the Smart Museum in conjunction with Emmanuel’s Radical [Re]Constructions Threshold installation.