Architect, artist, and designer Allan Wexler discusses his multi-scalar, multi-media work across a forty-five-year career. Allan reveals a curious, comedic, and analytical mind, offering new strategies for examining and re-evaluating basic assumptions about our relationship to the built and natural environments. 

Wexler's work mediates the gap between fine and applied art. Sometimes functional—tangible and tactical—sometimes theoretical, it is often a hybrid of the two. In all cases, it demonstrates a commitment to re-evaluating basic assumptions about what we thought we knew. Wexler's art can be broadly described as tactile poetry that is composed by re-framing the ordinary with intent to sustain a narrative about landscape, nature, and architecture. 

The lecture coincides with the publication of Absurd Thinking, Between Art and Design, a new monograph edited by Ashley Simone and published by Lars Müller Publishers with support from the Graham Foundation.

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